The Difference Between Small Business Sales And Marketing

Small business sales and marketing are two of the most important components of a business’ survival within in the market. Marketing basically involves the process of designing a product based on the specific needs of the market and the customers within it and promoting products through advertising and other effective methods. Moreover, this field includes setting up a good price value for products. In simple terms, marketing is a platform, which is used to generate sales for a business.

From what I’ve discussed above alone, you can already tell that small business sales and marketing are two different things. Let’s tackle sales. This is a process that involves strategies on how to effectively sell products and fetch contracts. Sales and marketing and marketing together is considered as a component of selling. Either of these things can’t live without the other by its side. These two components can also be referred to as activities. The overall success of a business greatly depends on these two things. Let’s dig deeper into the details of these two types of activities.

Marketing serves as the backbone of a firm’s future and as the launching platform for its sales. While the marketing field covers the process of designing products and advertising the sales process plays its role in the execution of different efforts that involve direct interactions with clients either through personal meeting or cold calls or through networking. Even though these two components are ideally considered as equals in the industry a rivalry has recently been stirring up between them wherein one claims to be dominant over the other. The people in the marketing industry say that they have the upper hand because they’re the ones who are designing the products; laying down the strategies; and developing the tools needed for sales. The sales people on the other hand say that they are the ones who actually bring money into a company because they’re the ones who sell the products.

A lot of experts are saying that marketing plays a pivotal role among these two components. They claim this because an effective marketing campaign generates sales real easy. Because of these, people often that it is actually the sales people who are the dominant players of the game. The main role of the marketing department is to produce different opportunities, which will be of great use to the sales department. Marketing produces sales and sales produces a company the type of success that it desires. In other words, marketing serves as a support system for the sales department by backing it up and allowing it to deliver the end product to people. Instead of competing to win against each other, the members of these two departments should work hand in hand with each other for the betterment and success of the company. By putting the forces of these two things to work side by side each other, the potentials for success of a company can be increased to great heights.