Evil Crime Boss Reveals His Sales and Marketing Tips

One of my favorite all-time movies — which has a strong sales and marketing lesson in it — is “Batman Begins.”

There are many, many reasons for this outside my pathetic geeky fan boy Batman comic book collection. One of which is how easily the script can help any business’s marketing.

Such as (for example) the pacing of the movie being a perfect sales letter “template.” Or the way Batman makes “offers”. Or how having a burning hot mission in life can help you move mountains. (And the irrational things people will do to get what they want.)

And so on and so forth.

But you know what?

The best sales lesson (IMHO) comes from one of the villains (Crime Boss Falcon Maroni) when he says:

“Money isn’t as interesting to me as favors.”

Why is this a powerful lesson?

Because (at least in the business-to-business “make money” niches) this is what almost EVERYONE gets wrong. Hey, it’s something I used to get wrong BIG TIME myself. If you look at most of the sales letters and ads all they talk about is how much money you’ll make if you buy such-and-such a product.



Money is almost NEVER the main hot button for anyone.

What all those smackeroos can DO for people are the REAL hot buttons. Like time freedom, the ability to “get back” at someone who said they’d be a failure their whole lives (huge hot button), humiliating their competition, etc.

Crime Boss Maroni didn’t really care about having more money.

What he wanted was favors.

What do YOUR prospects really want?

It’s different for everyone. And this is why researching your market is so ultra important.

Because when you figure out what people want, all you have to do is show them how your product will give it to them.