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Getting an Effective Sales and Marketing Training for Your Team Without Spending Too Much

Admit it, even if you want to give the best and effective training for your sales team you still have to consider the cost of training. During this time when we all need to save for the rainy days, we need to find ways to cut on cost without compromising the quality of training we are giving to our sales people.

First of all, we need to understand that training your sales team is very important; it may be one of the most important decisions you can make as a team leader. Your people should be a constant student since every minute and every second of your professional life someone is also training and improving their skills in sales and marketing. You cannot be so content about what you already have knowing that your competitor is also trying to raise their level of competency.

But the problem with training is that it will cost you a lot. If you want to gain something you need to know that cost because everything good thing in this world has a cost.

Ask yourself the following questions before making a decision:

  • How much is my total training budget?
  • What are the specific needs of my sales team?
  • How many of my sales team needs this particular training?

These questions are important as I give you some tips on how to still get an effective sales and marketing training without spending too much. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. Know what the specific training needs for your team are. Knowing this will minimize the time you need to spend for the training and thus save a lot on venue rental, food expense, facility rentals, etc.
  2. Identify who actually needs the training. If you are on a budget, you don’t need to let your whole sales force attend the training. You can reduce cost by letting only those who needs the training attend. However, if you have enough budget then letting them all attend won’t hurt.
  3. Do an in-house training. You don’t need to go out and rent a conference room when you have a place in your office. All you have to do is buy snacks for your staff and they can take care of their own lunch since they will eat lunch anyway even without the training.

Do not compromise the quality of your sales team just because you have a very low budget for training. An effective sales and marketing training can be achieved without spending too much.

Three Sales and Marketing Integration Tips You Can Use Right Now

Integrating the two departments greatly boosts the efficacy of both-and often requires only a few changes in the relationship between the two. We’ll discuss just a few of the ways you can immediately begin the integration of sales and marketing.

Establish a Service Level Agreement Between Sales and Marketing

  • In this context, a service-level agreement (SLA) clarifies and delineates team commitments. It establishes areas each team should be focusing and the goals each team should be meeting to uphold the joint effort between the two, such as successful follow-up of leads by the sales team and proper generation of qualified leads by the marketing team.
  • Without such an agreement, teams can work at cross-purposes by focusing on different sales streams or lose efficiency by overlapping-a sales team backed by a marketing team generating a high volume of qualified leads does not need to focus time on lead generation.
  • Proper marketing waterfall analytics integrated to inside sales and field sales processes become very important here, as you must be able to view data across every stage of the customer buying process and implement standards and goals into the SLA that match to the analytics. Expectations without a firm backing by data can only lead to team friction and failures. This leads directly into item number two.

Maintain an Integrated and Detailed Customer Relationship Management Program

  • Marketing analytics need to be understood and shared quickly between teams for maximum productivity. It’s not unusual for a company to keep such information firmly in the hands of marketing without considering the value of integrating the sales side. All performance MUST be reported inside of your CRM system for this to be effective for sales and anyone who the data effects needs to be able to access all the information. By integrating the data collected by both teams immediately into shared dashboards and reports, each team can quickly adjust their own efforts to better support the other.

Take Your Data All the Way Down to the Sales Representative

  • By directly granting access to information from the sales team ‘boots on the ground’ to the marketing team generals, you grant a view of the situation from a practical vantage point to individuals who may be operating on a purely theoretical basis. An untested marketing campaign rarely survives first contact with the customer. If your marketing team waits for information to trickle upstream instead of viewing it directly, the entire marketing ‘battle’ may be lost. At the very least, marketing ROI will take a hit from a failure to quickly refine and perfect campaign tactics.
  • Furthermore, ground-level sales representatives interact most frequently with your potential buyers and can provide highly-detailed tactic, campaign, content and buyer quality information which would otherwise disappear in the shuffle.

You will find that you can quickly and painlessly implement each of these tips and see near-immediate improvements from the resulting integration. Primarily, these tips allow you to wring the most from your marketing analytics and CRM systems. Such systems can only provide as much information as is placed into them, and the value of their output relies highly upon how many people understand and adjust based upon it. Furthermore, these tips can work to defuse the ‘us versus them’ mentality which arises so often between sales and marketing teams and put them back to work as proper allies.

Sales and Marketing Technique for Selling Against Competitors That Have Similar Products to Yours

Sales and marketing techniques can sometimes fail when you are trying to sell a product or service that is similar to those of your competitors. Try this technique that actually uses that similarity in a way that makes your product stand out from the rest.

You can use the ideas here to make your products and services look more impressive than the competition on all your marketing literature, mail-shots, and all electronic mail-outs. The technique will make your sales appointment and cold calls more effective by giving you a really great reason for calling a prospect that will help you keep them listening. When it comes to your sales pitch you can use this selling technique to sell the benefits of your product while being positive about the buyer’s current or past purchases. And all the above sales and marketing techniques work even though your products and services are very similar to those of your competitors.

Start by identifying all the benefits that your products or services have that your competitors do not have. If your competitors sell similar products to you, the benefits unique to your products may be small and very specific. That doesn’t matter, list them all, they will be very useful when putting this technique into action.

Your sales and marketing literature should highlight how good both yours and the competitor’s products are. You cannot be negative about a product or service that is very similar to the one that you sell. You may have heard the sales rule: Do not be negative about your competitors. I agree with this and your marketing should point out the positives of your product without directly criticising competitors. You can do this by sounding positive about the competition and saying how good it is. Then show how much more your product will do for the buyer.

For example, your service might do exactly what your competitor’s does, and there may be very little difference. So you highlight how good your competitors are and how you can provide a service that is just as good. Then you highlight the one selling point that you have that makes you different to the others in the market. This could be a lower price, faster response time, better payment terms, or any other benefit that you have that the competitors don’t. It doesn’t matter how small you think this benefit is because you are offering everything else that others offer plus this additional benefit.

You can use this sales and marketing technique when sending mail-shots, electronic mail-outs, and in all your advertising. Show how good your competitor’s product is. The more you hype-up what the alternative products offer, the better it makes your product look, because your product does everything the others do and then that bit more.

The sales and marketing technique can be incorporated into your sales appointment pitch as the reason why your prospect should listen to your call, and why they should meet with you. The most important line of an appointment setting call is the reason you are calling the prospect. This is the line that will grab the prospect’s attention and motivate them to listen to your call. Add this sales and marketing technique to your sales appointment and cold calling scripts and give yourself an advantage over the competition.

Even in your sales pitch you can use this selling technique. You are saying to the sales prospect: I can offer you everything you’re getting now, and you have already said you are happy with that. Plus I can give you this additional benefit that you are not getting now. It gives you an edge, just as you are highlighting the edge that your product has. What makes this sale technique so effective is that it allows you to complement your competitors while helping to sell the benefits of your sales proposal.

This sales and marketing technique will help you to be more successful at every stage of the sales process. It works to overcome one of the most difficult problems for sales people who sell a product with few unique selling points. It is well worth spending the time to identify those unique differences that your products have, that you can use to make this technique work.