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If Sales and Marketing is the Left Arm of Business, Then Traffic Generation is the Right Arm

In Internet marketing, we often learn the different strategies and techniques on sales and marketing…typically the following fundamental steps:

- how to create a compelling headline to attract the visitors get interested to browse through your product website
- how to attract, seduce the online visitors to stay on the sales page longer to read on
- how to tell the customer the problem he/she is encountering, and suffering
- how to show customer that your product can precisely solve his/her problem

In this manner, those visitors who are convinced by your sales and marketing presentation will click the ‘Buy’ button and make payment with thanks to you in their heart!

In the above scenario, your great sales and marketing plan and strategies have successfully closed sales for you. But bear in mind, you are making the assumption that there are unlimited visitors visiting your product website; as Sales, be it online or offline, is after-all a number game.

How to make your assumption of huge, if not, unlimited amount of traffic visiting your product site come true in reality?

- how do you ensure huge number of visitors clicking to take the first view of your website? Are you going to pay high price to ‘AdWord’ for anyone to click on your website?
- how to make your website appears on the first page of the Search Engine, so as to greatly increase the chances of visitors clicking on your website? Are you going to pay a high fee to Search Engine just to appear on the sponsor link of first page?
- how to maintain your website be on the first page of the Search Engine consistently? Are you going to keep paying high fee to Search Engine to maintain his first page position?
- how do you screen off the targeted visitors from the non-targeted visitors? Are you going to pay high price to ‘Pay Per Click’?

Online sales and marketing strategies in general are the same as that in offline sales and marketing. However, the conversion rate from Internet marketing is much lower than offline sales and marketing, probably because

- people still feel more secured to touch and try the product to increase the probability of purchase of physical product
- there are still people who prefer to own well-binded book with cover to digital eBook

Having analyzed the above-mentioned, we can conclude that having great list of traffic is the only feasible means to increase sales conversion rate in Internet marketing, besides the sales and marketing strategies.

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Getting Sales and Marketing to Work Together in a Business

We are aware that companies by default operate through the makeup of various functions such as

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Supply chain / Logisitics
  • Human resources

and of course that of Sales and Marketing. Now, both sales and marketing play vital roles in the running of the business. Without one, you are not going to be able to run a business successfully and see the results that you were hoping to see. They both require a lot of time and effort, which is why so many businesses are investing so much into them and rightly so. To gain even more, though, it may be a smart idea to get them to work together as we often see conflict between the two functions when we delve into the day to day operations of a company.

Often the sales force blames the marketing department for not providing market intelligence that is of a high enough quality that will enable them to get the results that the business needs to grow. And on the other hand we see that the marketing department apportions blame towards the sales force for not developing the sales leads effectively as identified by the marketing plan.

When the business is working as one, instead of having everything separated, it is possible to work like an efficient, improved machine. There is a lot more to gain for future growth and there is a lot more money to be made.

Having parts of your business separated, working on their own, will not allow the business as a whole to grow. While you still may be able to make the most out of them individually, they will not be as good as you want them to be when looking at the full picture. In order for a business to grow and truly shine, each area has to work together. The business has to bring each department together to have it working like a machine, perfect and as one. Doing so is vital in order to keep everyone on the same page and understanding the path that needs to be taken.

By developing plans that bring both sales and marketing together, it is easier to gain more from the business. The plans will be on the same path and incorporate the same ideas, keeping everyone on the same page. This ensures that people are not lost because of differences in views or confused by how different the sales and marketing parts of the business are. The face of the business, the marketing, is going to give people the same feeling and idea that the sales portion does.

In summary, in order to make this happen, there has to be a solid plan between both sales and marketing and there has to be communication. The plan needs to be set up with both in mind while still being unique to their individual needs. Communication is always vital when bringing together parts of a business, making it easier for people to understand what is going on and what is going to happen. When everyone is on the same path and talking, it is possible to make this work and to gain a lot more from the business.

Billionaire Washes Businesses’ Sales and Marketing Out With Soap

“I tell you that man can sell sand in the desert!” Ever hear that cute little platitude? Usually when you hear that, it’s someone bragging about their favorite “guru.” Or perhaps a guru bragging about themselves.

Well guess what?

It may sound “cool”, but it’s actually pretty dumb. In fact, in my humble (but accurate) opinion, it shows someone doesn’t really know sales and marketing at all. They may be able to con, lie, cheat, exaggerate and/or get their lists to drink their “kool-aid.” But they don’t know how to actually sell.

Let me explain why I say this:

A few nights ago I did a long tele-seminar (almost 2 hours) with Doberman Dan Gallapoo about selling, marketing and taking care of business. One of the best parts was about getting clients. And during this part, we revealed a secret that perfectly illustrated something very few service providers (especially copywriters, for some reason) ever grasp. Yet, doing it makes selling almost a cakewalk.

Anyway, here’s the secret:

Instead of wasting time selling people on why they need to have your product/service (i.e. copywriting, coaching, network marketing, affiliate marketing, supplements, whatever you sell) it’s FAR better to sell to those ALREADY using those products/services.

I mean, think about it:

If you are (for example) a copywriter, what’s easier:

1. Selling to small business owners who think “copywriting” has something to do with the U.S. patent office, and educating them on what copywriting is, why they need it and why they should choose you.


2. Selling to people ALREADY hiring copywriters, who already know what it is, and are in need (even desperate need) of copywriters all the time?

I rest my case, counselor. So the message is clear:

If you want to make sales and marketing super easy, forget the lame quotes about selling ice to Eskimos or sand in the desert. Instead, listen to the words of business “giant” Rich DeVos (billionaire co-founder of the AmWay Corporation):

“Why does AmWay sell soap? Because people buy it!” Pretty simple, eh? Too bad everyone wants to make it complicated.